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The professional staff at OCGE works hard not only at making your special event a success, but also at finding new ways to help you entertain and raise funds.  We all think of 3 main events when we think of fundraising... have a gala, put on a walk/run or host a golf tournament.  Our professional and experienced staff have created more ways you can take your fundraising to new levels:

 • Night Golf Events - take your golf event to the other end of the day using glow-in-the-dark equipment.  Everything from the golf ball, tee markers, cart path edging, perimeters around the hazards, green and the cup and flag pin are lit up in various colors.  Imagine playing putt-putt (mini-golf) in the dark, with no lights.  You see your bright golf ball, the glow coming from the bottom of the cup and the out of bounds lines that look like your own run-way.  This is a treat for any group, whether fundraising or entertaining clients or associates.  Add in your auction or raffle along with a full bar and you've got yourself a fun evening for all.  Available for 36 - 90+ participants and rates range from $50 - $100+ per person.  A reasonable fundraising goal for night golf events can range from $2,000.00 - $15,000.00

 • Helicopter Ball Drop - add this to your annual golf event or kick-off your night golf events with 500-3000 golf balls dropping from the sky at the same time towards a golf hole trying to capture a few lucky winners of your grand prize.  This is how it works - your organization sells ticket (like a raffle ticket) that has a unique number or code on it.  That number/code will be written on a golf ball and placed into a bucket that will be picked up and dropped by the helicopter at your event.  The golf balls are usually sold for $10.00-$20.00 per ball and the proceed are up to your organization and how many tickets you want to sell.  A good goal for a ball drop is about $10,000 with a net of $8,000 (assume $1,000 - $2,000 for costs such as your prizes, the helicopter and service fees) OCGE's professional staff will schedule and coordinate your helicopter arrival as well as your setup you target, bucket pickup and ball cleanup.

 • SNAG Golf - Click here for SNAG Golf demonstration. Perfect for new golfers and non-golfers, SNAG (Starting New At Golf) golf equipment features larger clubs, tennis ball-like golf balls and velcro-like targets. Let our team create a 1-9 hole SNAG Golf outing, Closest To The Bullseye competition or SNAG Clinic that will provide a fun team building event that every member of your group can enjoy regardless of golf ability. Or, let us plan a SNAG Golf Outing concurrently with your 18 Hole Golf Outing! Optimal group size: 4 – 50 people. Prices start at $45 per player. A fantastic way to learn the game of golf using balls about the size of a tennis ball and Velcro targets.  The course can be set up in many fun ways and even includes a wearable Velcro suit in case a moving target is desired.

 • Family Packages - the benefits of doing business at a destination location include something for the entire family.  Dad or mom can enjoy your golf tournament while the other relaxes at the spa.  Meanwhile, the kids can stay entertained  at SNAG golf camp for 4 hours which includes bounce house, pizza tent and a screening of a popular movie. 

 • Bounce back certificates - keep the proceeds coming all year round and give your audience the gift of golf.  OCGE will customize a special offer for your non-profit event participants such as a guest fee golf exclusive on specific days when they can redeem for a low guest fee AND a percentage of that fee will go back to your special cause or foundation.  Time and date restrictions may apply.

 • Ease of the programs to orchestrate - contact Junior Sperazza to get more information or to get any of these programs started for your foundation or 501-c3

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