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Boost your fundraising efforts with a Golf Ball Drop and reward your guests with entertainment and great prizes.  Give your guests extra entertainment with a helicopter show and ball drop, or use other forms of chance drawing, like a Firetruck Golf Ball Drop, a Duck Race or your standard raffle or chance drawing.  When conducted properly, a ball drop should raise your charity an extra $8,000.00 to $20,000.00+ in just one drawing.  

Auctions should account for at least half of your overall fundraising at one event.  OCGE has the partners in place to help you acquire auction items, conduct the auction properly and close out the auction with all necessary accounting and follow up.  Let OCGE assist you with the process from A to Z and watch the fundraising and awareness increase.

Raffles, Auctions & Ball Drop.

Contact Us to learn how to begin and operate your helicopter Golf Ball Drop completely online.

Don't forget to properly register your raffle in accordance with your state's guidelines and report your statistics following your event to avoid any tax complications.  OCGE can assist with this.

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